13 april 2006

Swedish e-commerce: screw up once - it's a mistake. Twice - a fool

[Begin rant] In the mailbox came two movies I had ordered from a Swedish online movie site. One of them was "Pirates of Caribbean" and the other one was a Swedish film. But after opening the package I understood the Swedish film was not there, but rather "Night of the living dead"?! What the...!!

This is not the first screw-up they make. I have friends who have ordered recently and gotten something totally else than they ordered. How this can happen is just a puzzle. What kind of incompetence is that? The Swedish film I ordered was a family movie rated for kids. The movie they sent is from EIGHTEEN and is a horror movie! Get this: the bill even clearly states the correct movie name and article number, etc. Still.. they screw up. I just can't believe it. They have tough competition online, and they sure need it to improve themselves. If they get a bad reputation, people will jump ship to their two main competitors.

What I would like to know is where the issue is: employees who can't do their jobs with the packaging or an administrative setup gone wrong?
Which is better: one day delivery time with half the merchandise getting mixed up, or two days time with everything always correct on delivery? Yes, you bet it's the latter :).
[End of Rant]

Well, you know what? It's the 13th, just happens to be. Coincidental? Yep.