14 april 2006

Pure Pwnage: a funny show - except for n00bs

Well, well!

I started watching the Pure Pwnage episodes some weeks ago. It's come to the 10th episode this far, and I'm really starting to like it. I hope the guys are going to continue do it. From what I understand it is gaining in popularity as more and more people become aware of the show's existance.

It's exciting to see the technology becoming cheap enough for amateurs with medium-sized pockets to be able to invest and do shows on their powerful mid-range to high-end computers. It's going to get even more interesting in the near future, as more and more people get hands on great software at a great price. The dual-core Intel Macs will certainly make low-cost - and high quality - amateur productions possible!
If you have not done so already, check out fun videos (some of them being well done) on the Google Video site.