15 april 2006

How Wikipedia and Impress can work together

So, I have a much dreaded test on Tuesday in Swedish class. I tried to figure out which way would be the best to study for it and what I concluded is the following: looking up keywords on Wikipedia (Start page) or Wikipedia in English. I am only recommending the English version because of the vast resources they have there to offer people fluent in English, since most contributions ended up there instead of the localised versions they try to push.

Impress is the free and open alternative to the office application Powerpoint from Microsoft. It's compatible with .ppt files and has a lot of professional features to offer. My idea here, is that you first you go visit Wikipedia and type in keywords for everything you need to find information about that's related to the test. Collect the information, filter it through: what is important? What does it say? Is this reasonable?

Make this information into both questions and answers in form of text you put inside the Impress presentation pages. Once done and ready, push the playback button and sit back, try to learn and think about what's on the screen at the moment. Do you understand what it says and can you learn it?

First let the question present itself, followed by the answer to that question after X number of seconds, say perhaps you need 30 seconds to think it through, or 10 if you're more sure about the topic you're on. Set up the pages to transition from one to another automatically so you don't have to push the mouse button for every slide to come up on the screen.

Failing or succeeding the test could depend on your ability to study using this method. I came up with this idea some week ago and I'm not sure yet if I should try it out or not, but I just might try it. No guarantees for it to work, of course, but it sure could be worth checking it out.