12 april 2006

Two new DVD movies for my collection

Today I purchased "Enemy of the state" and "Bad Company" for a bargain, a total of 99 SEK for both of them! I really don't mind buying good movies some year or two after their release if the price is right. Usually, though, ordering online can mean you get the same movies for sometimes half or a quarter of the price what you do in IRL stores!

It's getting tedious to administer the ever growing list of movies in my collection, but I'm doing my best for it to stay synchronised. Anyone wondering where this list is? Well, it's not published - I keep it mostly only for my own purpose of keeping track of which movies I have and which ones I don't have. In the future it will prevent me from ordering movies I already possess. Haha, that would be when the collection has grown out of control I suppose, if it ever does? So far it's not even close to happening!

I need more movies in the comedy genre. Any suggestions in the commentaries on this would be appreciated.