01 december 2007

Turbo 3G (HSPA Downlink) - finally

I was expecting to see the cellular operator's upgrade to downlinked HSPA take place some time near the end of the year, giving high-speed coverage to the north region of the country at the last minute. Contrary to my belief, I discovered as soon as today that my turbo 3G-capable cellphone started to utilize the higher speed all of a sudden. What a nice surprise! 30 days before what I had estimated. That's excellent.

So, for anyone living in north of Sweden, it is worthy to say: if you want to access the internet wireless at an OK speed without having to, either:
* be provided with a landline telephone subscription
* have a fiberoptic installation at home
* resist/not offered a subscription to cable tv internet

... the operator you are likely to want a deal with, is 3 (Three).
It works, and it's reliable too, if you connect via USB data cable. For bluetooth, it is not as reliable.