20 oktober 2004

Rainy days

I've seen nothing but rain for a couple of days now. It should be snowing, rather, but no - it's raining! Things are not quite well with the studies right now, I need to visit the educational guidance office place and talk to them about my future in academics. It's very likely I have aimed at the wrong target. I have been eager for years to become a computer programmer, although I am hardly even mediocre. But I believe now I am better off with something I am truly good at: languages. Whether that is a better plan or not I have to find out by talking to the guidance people.

My main goal is to get a university diploma with high rank. If it's languages I will study or computer programming is not all that important, though, as long as I reach the goal of getting the diploma! It feels very important.

To me, a respectable finished education is worth at least 10 times having lots of money placed in bank accounts. And usually, having a good education means being able to get a very good job as well, which certainly also means a very good salary! I think the ideal situation is to have a respectable job you are satisfied and pleased with, a nice salary and a schedule that occasionally leaves some space for social activities with your partner, friends and family. So.. I will let that be a dream and make it reality!