16 oktober 2004

E equals mc square

I am going to boost my math skills, starting next week. I need a much better grade and knowledge in math, which was very clear to me after the recent test I did, and failed miserably on. To discover this in time is a good thing, a good thing indeed. Since my plan is to study at the university already in one or two years from now (for now, the latest will be autumn 2006, earliest in autumn 2005) I need to improve my grades for math B and C, Swedish B and Religion A, as all these are standard classes today if you want to be able to get approved for the lucrative kind of university studies.

I am rescheduling: from 2 occasions a week, to 4-5 times a week! Hopefully this is going to result in a much, much better understanding of second degree equations, which is what I now lack the most, a crucial part of the math B course. This is benefiting me in more than just one way: it also in turn gives me a major boost when it comes to logics, self-confidence and somewhat how to think logically in computer programming. Let's just hope I will get hold of this very soon so that I don't need to have 4-5 hours a week for the whole semester! ;)