21 juli 2007

Tsarkon is from Sword of Vermilion

In 1990 there was a role-playing game that came out with the name Sword of Vermilion, which is where I got my callsign tsarkon from. It was released for SEGA Genesis and SEGA Mega Drive in 1990. You play a role as the son of Erik and your mission throughout the game is to help defend the world of Vermilion from evil doings done by the mighty wizard Tsarkon, sometimes portrayed as a dragon and sometimes in the shape of a wizard. The sword of Vermilion is the mightiest sword there is in the game. Finding and retrieving this sword is not an easy task but still possible and also one of the achievable goals of the game apart from killing enemies and foes as you explore a world of woods, caves and dungeons. 

The guide book is important
You won't get far however without the bundled guide book, containing everything you need to know about the caves, dungeons, magic spells, potions, enemies and boss creatures as well as maps, hints and tricks. Without the complete guide book you can still make it to the end of the game but it will be a lot harder if you never played the game in the past. 

You need to know a lot of English
Something else that everyone attempting to play the game should know about is that you need to know a lot of English beforehand if it's not your native tongue. As you play the game, you pick up new words all the time but if your English is bad you probably won't get very far. It's one of the few games where you need to actually know the menus in and out and what to use in a certain situation. That said, once you know the game it's easily something you get addicted to playing for hours. Time flies!