04 juni 2007

The Nokia N95 - probably the best smartphone for Europe

As I read just moments ago that Apple has gotten official launch dates out for their over-hyped device that I don't care much for myself in the current design, lacking turbo 3G and targets another audience than a cellphone enthusiast such as me, my eyes have been focusing another smartphone to aim for as soon as possible:

The Nokia N95 with HSPA support

Even though I haven't come close to trying one out in the real world so far, it sure interests me to take a look at it and judging whether it suits my style or not. I really like the built-in GPS (which I hope is a transmitter and receiver which itself can support GPS tracking without network data traffic-based assist (AGPS), since that is a slow and unreliable feature I have tried too many times only to find out how bad of an idea it is.

The N92 is also an option, if DVB-H becomes popular in Sweden next year in 2008.
Nokia N92

Time will tell which one of the N-series phones gets my money.