11 februari 2007

Temperature dropped to -18˚C

This is the coldest month of the year, it always is. At least for us who live here up north. I saw weather statistics scroll by on the TV earlier today and noticed how one city clearly is not even close to being part of the "winter cold" climate I'm used to. The numbers showed an astounding +1˚C in Malmö (Malmo, located deep down in the southern parts of the country).
Obviously living in the northern hemisphere has got its disadvantages for people like me who prefer a milder climate, but on the other hand we have not had problems with heavy storms. That is something Gothenburg experienced just a while ago, including other nearby communities on a wider scale.

I expect it to continue be cold for another three weeks, then we'll probably see temperatures leave the minus scale and hit zero, if not even more than zero. Maybe I'll post a blog entry when the time comes to see how my prediction turned out!