23 november 2004


Suddenly you realise that the winter has arrived, it is pending between -10 and -18 degrees celsius, depending on the hour of the day, the daylight's under a short interval.. and being indoors I can still urge for ice cream occasionaly. My friends think that's very strange of me ;D.

There is not a lot to report right now and hasn't been for quite a while. Christmas is only a month away now and that feels very cool. It's probably the one and only event of the year that actually still is a firm and steady tradition here. Midsummer Eve is very important as well, but cannot be compared to Christmas.

The studies are going quite good. I get a little nervous sometimes right before those final tests, but except for that.. things are okay.

I've been working on my homepage today and I think it looks kinda cool now. It was hard to get the CSS 100% correct, but both the markup language and the Cascaded StyleSheets are strictly valid according to W3C, which I am pleased with, of course! :)